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Please provide the following information about your proposed project:

1. Describe your project (200 words maximum): 

2.Explain how your project contributes to the goals and actions outlined in the City’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

3. Describe your project work plan (ie. how you and/or your organization will go about implementing this project): 

4. Provide a timeline of your project with key dates, including start date, completion date, and any other highlights: 

5. Describe the experience or expertise that makes you (and/or your organization) capable of implementing this project: 

6. Please explain what is creative or unique about this project:

7.Please describe your project goal(s) or objective(s) and how you will measure or evaluate the impact or success of your project terms of achieving them?



Please create a budget that outlines your funding request to the Community Sustainability Micro Grant program. For more information on funding guidelines please see the Micro Grants FAQ. If you have received other funding resources to support your project please provide the source and quantity of funding received in your budet. 

You can use the space below to create your budget, or send as an email attachment to [email protected], along with the other supporting documents required (listed below). 

Please send the following supporting documents to [email protected] when you submit your application:

  • Your project budget (if not outlined above)
  • Letters of Support from any partner organizations (if applicable)

Project Application Checklist: 

I have reviewed the City's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) and I feel this project will make a valuable contribution to achieving our community's sustainability goals and actions as outlined in the plan.

I have read the Micro Grant FAQ 

I have included: 

Complete contact information for two primary members of our group/organization

Answers to all the questions 

I will submit the following via email to [email protected]


A budget displaying the proposed allocation of funds 

This project will: 

Contribute to actions that foster principles of sustainable development 

Foster community partnerships and collaboration

Engage community members in fun, meaningful and impactful projects that create an awareness of the value and importance of sustainability  


In order to be considered for funding, completed project applications and supporting documents must be received by 4:00PM on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. 


Please submit supporting documents to Katrina Cristall, Climate Action Officer by email at [email protected]

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