Bike Rack Cost Sharing Initiative

The City has recognized a need for additional bike racks to accommodate the growing number of cyclists in the City. In response to the influx in requests from private businesses to have a bike rack installed, the City has developed a bike-rack cost sharing program.

We have identified a bike rack design that is sturdy, preferred for all bikes, and is locally made.  The City of Charlottetown will pay 50% of the cost of the 4-bike bike rack, and the business is responsible to pay the other 50% as well as to install and maintain the bike-rack over its lifetime. For the 2023 season the cost of the bike rack is $450+hst, which would be cost shared at $225.00+hst each. This opportunity is available to businesses operating within the City of Charlottetown and will be open until the funds allocated for this program in 2023 are used up. 

Interested businesses may sign up below. Businesses will be eligible on a first-come-first-serve basis.  If we receive more interest than we can accommodate with the 2023 bike rack cost sharing program, businesses will be placed on a waiting list and have priority if the program is offered again in 2024.

Bike Rack Cost Sharing Initiative: Sign up for Businesses

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