Climate Action Plan

Climate Action

Charlottetown’s climate is changing. Increased temperatures, flooding, sea level rise and coastal erosion are examples of climate change impacts that will influence our community’s health and wellbeing, environment, and economy. Climate change effects us all, but we know that the impacts are not felt equally amongst all communities, with disproportionate consequences for communities that are already vulnerable due to systemic inequities.

In response, the City of Charlottetown is preparing to create a Climate Action Plan. The Plan will help the community build resilience to the impacts of climate change and extreme weather, while also reducing our contribution to global climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – but we can’t do it alone.

Phase One of the climate action planning process launched in January 2023 and will end in April 2023. In this phase, we gathered input from the community, key stakeholders, and rightsholders to better understand how climate change and extreme weather have impacted Charlottetown, how the Climate Action Plan should be developed, and how we can improve climate readiness as a community. This input will set the goals and guiding principles for Climate Action Plan Development (Phase Two), expected to start later in 2023, and during which more extensive community engagement will take place.

Get Involved 

There will be numerous ways for organizations and individuals to get involved in this project as the planning process progresses. Stay up to date at 

Do you have questions about the Climate Action Plan or survey? Please contact [email protected],ca