Charlottetown Nature Trackers

Charlottetown Nature Trackers

The City of Charlottetown has teamed up with PEI Nature Tracker to bring you Charlottetown Nature Trackers! The purpose of the initiative is to encourage residents to explore and connect with nature in the city. 

PEI Nature Tracker is a tool that citizens can use to track their nature sightings. Photos of plants and wildlife can be uploaded to the site so that their observation and location can be tracked and shared with the public. This is a great way to monitor and celebrate the biodiversity within Charlottetown and around the island.

Resident’s can participate in Charlottetown Nature Trackers by photographing the different plants and wildlife they observe and uploading them to PEI Nature Tracker. As motivation, different levels can be achieved, each of which is associated with a customized button you can wear with pride and a small prize:

Backyard Hero ButtonUrban Naturalist ButtonCommunity Scientist Button

Backyard Hero: Upload sightings of two plant and two wildlife species observed in your own yard. By having plants in your yard and attracting wildlife and pollinators, you are a hero! 

Urban Naturalist: Upload sightings of two plants and two wildlife species observed in parks or public spaces in Charlottetown.

Community Scientist: Upload 3 sightings of trees we are monitoring for insect pests or invasive plant species. These include the species listed on PEI Nature Tracker’s Invasive Species Priority List as well as ash and elm trees.

The Community Scientist level assists with identifying invasive species and other species of interest. Invasive species are introduced to an area outside of their native range and threaten the environmental, economic and social health of the new area where they grow. Because of this, it is important to know their whereabouts so that their populations can be managed. Additionally, various native tree species, including ash and elm, are particularly susceptible to invasive pests. It is important to have an accurate inventory of these trees to ensure they can be monitored. Your help in locating these species in Charlottetown is very useful. To learn more about invasive species, click here.

Want an idea of what species you should be on the lookout for? Check out our seasonal scavenger hunts for a fun challenge while you're out exploring!

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