Operation Releaf

Applications are now open for fall planting!

The Fiona Releaf program is a partnership between Tree Canada and the City of Charlottetown to support Charlottetown homeowners replant trees following hurricane Fiona. The program will provide a single large, good-quality, climate resilient tree to eligible applicants to help restore Charlottetown’s urban forest.

For this fall planting, up to 75 eligible residents will receive a tree for their property that will be delivered and planted at a cost of only $20. Residents must apply, meet the program criteria and be willing to dig the hole for the tree in an agreed location.

How The Program Works

1. If you own a residential property in Charlottetown, you can apply to the program using the form below. Before filling out the application, please ensure you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. There must be enough open space (minimum 3m by 3m) to plant a tree on your property (not in the right-of-way);
  2.  Planting space must be at least 3.5m or 12ft from the nearest powerline, utility pole, or infrastructure;
  3. You must be the owner of the residential property for which you are applying.

Priority will be given to:

  • Applicants that indicate that financial barriers would prevent them from planting trees on their property without support from this program
  • Residential properties in priority areas (areas with highest tree canopy loss or narrow City rights of way)
  • Resident that have not participated in this program in the past

2. After you submit your application, the City’s Environment and Sustainability Program Coordinator will confirm if you are eligible for the program. Priority will be given to applications that match the above priority criteria.

3. The Environment and Sustainability Program Coordinator or a City representative will meet with you for a site visit to confirm the location of the tree and the species.

4. A payment of $20.00 per tree is required to confirm your order. This can be paid during the site visit or at City Hall.

5. You will be required to dig the hole for the tree by an agreed date. If you are unable to dig an appropriate sized hole for the tree due to a physical limitation please contact [email protected] or call (902) 629-6620.

5. Once the tree is planted you must water the tree for a minimum of two years (every second day for first two weeks, every third day on week three to five, once a week after that, in times of no rain).

6. Trees planted will be of good health and the majority will survive. Unfortunately, sometimes trees do not survive. The program does not provide replacements.  

Financial Barriers

All applications will be considered; however, priority will be given to applicants that indicate that the face financial barriers to adding trees to their property. We do not require any proof of financial barriers, we only ask for applicants to indicate that the cost of purchasing a full price tree ($200-$300) would be prohibitively expensive.

Releaf Charlottetown Application

Property Owner Information

First Name

Last name

Telephone Number

Email Address

Please select your ward



Section 2 – Tell us about your yard

Trees must be planted at a minimum 12ft (3.5m) from any powerlines or utility poles. Is the planting location selected greater than 12ft (3.5m) from any powerlines or utility poles?

Do you have a minimum of 10 x 10 ft (3 x 3 m) of greenspace for planting? This space must be free of existing trees, buildings, hard surfaces, decks, fences, etc.

How much direct sunlight does your yard get where you want to plant?

What part of your property are you requesting a tree for?

Describe your site conditions (ex: full sun, partial sun or shade, wet or dry, near shore or inland, soil type, quality, etc.)



Section 3 – Tree Preference

Please select which tree you would prefer to receive

*While we will do our best to offer you a few options of tree species that are suited for your specific site conditions, tree availability may limit what can be offered. We will discuss the species of tree with you before proceeding.

If you feel strongly that you would like one of the species listed above, please leave us a note here:



Section 4 – Priority

Have you recieved a tree through this program before?

Does your financial situation limit your ability to plant a large tree without the support of this program?



Section 5 – Agreements

Staff will make every effort to arrange a date and time to plant the tree, however, we are often unable to give an exact date and time for planting. Do you give permission for City of Charlottetown staff to enter your property for the purpose of planting the tree without the presence of the homeowner?


 I accept, as the homeowner, I have the sole responsibility for checking the presence of underground wires and/or other utility cables or structures in the planting area once agreed with staff. Any damage to underground infrastructure is the responsibility of the homeowner.


  I am aware that I will be responsible for watering the tree during the summertime for the upcoming summer (2025) as well as the following summer (2026).


​  I am aware that I will be entirely responsible for the tree after it is planted, and that the City of Charlottetown will not be liable or responsible for the tree or any maintenance and no refund will be provided if the tree dies.


  I am aware that there is a $20.00 fee to participate in this program.

  I am aware that I will be required to dig a hole the is 2ft by 2ft for the tree.

Do you have physical limitations that will make you unable to dig a hole for the planting of this tree?

Security Measure

Goals Of The Program

  • Help residents access appropriate climate resilient trees
  • Encourage residents to plant trees and gain an appreciation for the urban forest
  • Support residents with financial barriers replace trees lost during Fiona or to improve their property with the addition of a tree
  • Restore Charlottetown’s tree canopy, particularly in areas that have experienced higher rates of tree canopy loss or where planting street trees is challenging.
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Priority Areas

  • Spring Park Better Homes Neighbourhood Energy Project area
  • Properties in wards 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9
  • Streets with narrow City of Charlottetown right-of-way, making street tree planting and replacement a challenge including:
    • Upper Prince Street
    • Goodwill Ave
    • Weymouth Street
    • Edward Street
    • Dorchester Street
    • Park Street
    • Pleasant Street
    • Jordan Crescent
    • Gay Avenue
    • Maloney Drive
    • Valley Street
    • Union Street
    • Spring Street
    • Seaview Boulevard