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Native Flora and Fauna

Wildlife of Miltonvale
Native Shrubs of PEI
Eastern White Pine
Native Trees of PEI
White Birch
White Ash
White Spruce
Red Maple
Northern Red Oak
Northern Leopard Frog
Eastern Coyote
Urban Forest Conservation
Victoria Park Forest Restoration Project/Victoria Park Flora and Fauna ID

Invasive Species

Charlottetown has invasive plant species that crowd out native plants, reduce biodiversity and cause other problems. Learn more about common invasive species and how to manage them:
Glossy Buckthorn - Version 1
Glossy Buckthorn - Version 2

Dead Man's Pond in Victoria Park

This pond is a mysterious place with many eerie stories about how it got its name and whether or not it is bottomless! The pond is really wonderful amphibian habitat where the entire life cycle of animals, like the spotted salamander, can be observed.

Salamanders in Dead Man's Pond


crowCrows have been coming to the Victoria Park/Brighton area to roost during the winter months for more than 100 years. They like urban areas because of the warmth, lack of predators, food supply and the lights. What do you know about crows?

A Day in the Life of a Crow
Jet Set - Ian and Kate MacQuarrie
The American crow and Victoria Park - historical data
Washington Fish and Wildlife - Living with Wildlife - Crows