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What is Bring It Business?

Bring It Business is a Business Recognition Program (BRP) intended to encourage and incentivize food service businesses to reduce their single-use waste and to reward those that are doing so.

Bring It Business is a continuation of the public awareness campaign, Bring It Charlottetown, that was launched in December 2019. Bring It Charlottetown resulted in over 500 individuals pledging to bring their reusable items as a way to cut down on single-use plastic, demonstrating the commitment of Islanders to reducing the waste they’re generating. It also necessitated the engagement of businesses to ensure they are set up to accommodate the influx of reusable items we anticipate they will be seeing.

At this time, the BRP is only open to food service businesses but the City of Charlottetown hopes to expand the program to include other establishments in the future

Why become a Bring It Business?

The City of Charlottetown’s Single Use Plastic Survey showed that 76% of Islanders are very concerned about the level of single-use plastic generated on PEI and that 89% are more likely to shop at a business that is making an effort to reduce single-use plastic. Becoming a Bring it Business is a great opportunity to get information and support in transitioning to low-waste and sustainable alternatives and get public recognition for doing so. 

What is required for certification?

To become recognized as a Bring it Business, businesses must: 
  • eliminate all Styrofoam, plastic cutlery, and “compostable” plastics
  • ensure all take-out containers are compostable or recyclable on PEI
  • offer straws only upon request 
  • implement a policy to refill customer’s water bottles and travel mugs

What is the benefit for your business?

The City of Charlottetown’s Bring it Business program offers incentives and special recognition to those businesses who are making efforts to reduce their single use plastic. Incentives for joining the program include:
  • A substantial starting stock of wooden cutlery as well as special discounted pricing for wooden cutlery for all future stock purchases
  • Special recognition on the City of Charlottetown’s website and all social media channels and promotion among local tourism providers
  • Continued support and information on waste-reduction and sustainable alternatives from the City of Charlottetown’s Sustainability Department and Island Waste Management Corporation. 
  • A Bring It Business sticker for the door of their establishment and a poster  to let potential customers know about their efforts and earned status as a Bring it Business.

Bring It Icons

Bring It Icons

We understand that businesses may require time to implement the changes necessary for certification but encourage them to register at any time to begin the conversation.

For more information or to register for the Bring It Business program, fill out the registration form below or email [email protected] 

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