Community Garden Expression of Interest

Through its Integrated Sustainability Plan, the City of Charlottetown aims to promote local food production.

The City of Charlottetown recognizes that community gardens benefit communities by:

  • Connecting people to food and nature;
  • Providing healthy and local food sources.
  • Connecting people to each other;
  • Providing habitat and pollinator plants;
  • Increasing activity in parks and, in turn, creating safer parks; and
  • Adding interest to parks.

The City offers financial and in-kind contributions towards the establishment and operation of community gardens in Charlottetown. These supports differ depending on whether the garden is located on City-owned or non-City owned land and are outlined in the City of Charlottetown Community Garden Policy.

Community Gardens must be led by an established group of volunteers or non-profit group, which has funds or a funding structure to build and maintain a community garden. This group is responsible for the building, maintenance, and administration of the garden.

Groups interested in establishing a community garden in a City park must submit a request to the City of Charlottetown by filling out the Expression of Interest form below. 

Groups who are starting or currently operating a community garden on non-City owned land may also submit an Expression of Interest to seek partnership with the City and the receipt of a small annual stipend and other supports as outlined in the Community Garden Policy. 

Prior to submitting an Expression of Interest, please review the City's Community Garden Policy and Community Garden Handbook to learn more about what is offered by the City and what is required of Community Garden Groups.

Expressions of Interested will be reviewed by the Environment and Sustainability Department and the Parks and Recreation Department. City staff will respond to applicants within two weeks of submission to advise on further steps.

Community Garden Expression of Interest

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What kind of community garden are you planning to start? Tell us about your vision and goals, who in the community you plan to engage or involve:

How many people are currently involved in your garden group? 

How many gardeners do you anticipate being included in the garden? 

The City of Charlottetown Community Garden Policy has guidelines for selecting a site. Have you reviewed the Community Garden Policy? 

Does your garden proposal adhere to the criteria and guidelines of the City of Charlottetown Community Garden Policy

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