Grant applications are now closed for 2024/25. 

Municipal Grants are available to external agencies and individuals who assist in creating or maintaining healthy, diverse, and inclusive communities for the benefit of Charlottetown residents.

 To be eligible for funding, an application must meet one or more of the following criteria:
• Public Benefit – the program/service/event is broad based and open to all members of the public;
• Financial Need – the application demonstrated financial need;
• Community Showcase – the application provides an opportunity to showcase the city and aids in creating awareness of the area with the intent of attracting participants from the region and beyond;
• Economic Development – the program/service/event proposes to have a positive economic development impact for the city;
• Community Development – the program/service/event proposes to have a positive impact on the community by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion;
• Tourism – the application highlights a geographic area of the city.

In addition, applications must include the following information:
• A description of the program/service/event for which support is being requested.
• The level of service the group, organization, corporation, or individual provides to the city.
• A copy of your operational budget.
• The benefits to the city as a result of the grant.
• If you have applied for and/or received grants from other city departments.

For more information on municipal grants, please see the Grants Bylaw and Grants Policy.

Questions can be directed to [email protected] or (902) 629-4004.