Spring Maintenance Program for Hydrants April 8

Spring Maintenance Program for Hydrants Starts April 8
Posted on 04/02/2024
Charlottetown Water and Sewer will begin its four- to six-week spring maintenance program on Mon. April 8, which includes maintenance checks along with a bi-annual hydrant flushing.

During flushing, hydrants will be operated at full capacity for approximately three to five minutes each, until the water runs clear. Water will flow freely at a high velocity to ensure proper hydrant operation and to flush sediment from the pipe network. The water cannot be recaptured. Residents are reminded to stay clear of the immediate area and avoid hydrants as they are being flushed.

Hydrant flushing is considered preventative maintenance and helps to keep water quality high. The seasonal program looks at flow, pressure and capacity and works to ensure the city has safe and clean drinking water. This maintenance may cause a temporary discolouration of the water supply and/or slight drop in water pressure.

Charlottetown Water and Sewer thanks residents for their patience and cooperation. For questions, or to report an issue, please contact Charlottetown Water and Sewer at (902) 629-4014.