City Celebrates Local Artists and Urban Forest

City Celebrates Local Artists and Urban Forest Through Public Art Installations
Posted on 09/18/2023
The City of Charlottetown invites the public to enjoy a walk through the city’s urban forest for the fourth annual Rooted in Art initiative, taking place from Sept. 23 to Oct. 8.

Rooted in Art involves local artists creating art installations in Charlottetown trees that allow viewers to experience trees through the artists’ perspective, observing and interacting with these essential assets in new ways. Tree-inspired works of art will be on display in Victoria Park, Rochford Square, Great George Street, and Confederation Landing, showcasing four local artists: Lucus MacDonald, Marina Pogrebnaia, Monica Lacey, and Nancy Cole. Residents and visitors can visit each site by following an active transportation-friendly self-guided tour.

Charlottetown’s urban forest is the inspiration for the Rooted in Art initiative. Trees are an extremely valuable part of the city and provide many essential services and benefits, including cooling and cleaning the air, blocking wind, buffering noise, and assisting with stormwater management. One tree, for example, can sequester more than 1,100 pounds of carbon, save 330 kilowatt-hours of energy, and divert more than 30,000 litres of stormwater every year.

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