Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

EV Charging Information

How can I find out where the City’s public ChargePoint EV chargers are located? 

A written list as well as an interactive map of all 19 of the City’s public Level 2 ChargePoint EV chargers in Charlottetown can be found on the City’s website

How much does it cost to charge my EV in the City’s public ChargePoint EV charger? 

The cost of using the public EV charging spaces is $4/hr in premium parking spots* and $3/hr for non-premium parking spots. The driver is charged a fee for the entire time the car is plugged in to the charger. Once the vehicle is fully charged a 30 minute grace period is available to remove the vehicle before parking fines are applied to the vehicle.

*Premium parking spots
are the parking spots located in the downtown core. 

How long does it take to fully charge an EV at one of the City’s Level 2 ChargePoint EV Chargers?

It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge a 30-kWh battery car (standard battery for an electric car), which allows you to make the most out of driving your EV, especially when you have a limited time to charge. This is 5 to 7 times faster for a full-electric car or up to 3 times faster for a plug-in hybrid compared to a level 1 charger. The Charge point chargers installed can supplying up to 7.2kW.

Once the vehicle is fully charged a 30 min grace period is given to the user to move their vehicle. If they leave their vehicle connected beyond the grace period to the charger they will automatically start incurring a parking fees for as long as they are connected to the vehicle.

What methods of payment do the public EV charging stations accept? 

The City’s ChargePoint EV Chargers accept RFID and support virtually all formats, including ChargePoint cards, contactless credit cards, and NFC (including Apple Pay, Android Pay). Payment method has to be applied to allow the charger head to be released and plugged in to your vehicle. 

How do I obtain and activate a ChargePoint card? 

You can sign up for a free ChargePoint card online or via our ChargePoint mobile app. After signup you will receive a free card within 7-10 business days. 
Once it arrives, you must log in to your account and activate your card. Go to My Account and select Manage ChargePoint Cards. Make sure you have your ChargePoint card on hand to enter the serial number and select save. You can also use your smartphone to start charging at any public charging station using Tap to Charge. 

Can I park in an EV charging space if I do not own an EV?

No. You must be actively charging an EV to park in one of the EV charging parking spaces in Charlottetown. The EV parking spaces are identifiable by an EV charger attached to a green bolster

Electric and non-electric vehicles that park in the EV charging station parking spaces and are not plugged in will be subject to minimum fines of $50.00.

How do I know if the City’s public ChargePoint chargers are compatible with my EV? 

The City’s public chargers are Level 2 and have the most common connector which is the SAE J1772 EV plug. This connector is compatible with 100% of electric vehicles. Tesla vehicles come with an adapter to plug in to this connector. 

How do I start a charging session? 

There are three ways to start a charging session:

1. Tap to charge. Using your preferred method of payment you can simply tap on the reader symbol to release the charge head and begin charging. With the ChargePoint app installed, you can start a charging session by holding your phone over the reader symbol on the station. 
iPhone: In the ChargePoint app, go to Menu, select Account and then Manage Cards. Pick "set it up,” add your ChargePoint pass to Apple Wallet and tap your phone on the station to charge.
Android: Enable NFC, turn your phone screen on and tap your phone on the station to charge.
To use tap to charge, you’ll need iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 and 7 Plus running iOS 10 or newer, Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1 and 1st generation or Android 4.4 or later with NFC.

2. Start charging from the app. Choose the station and click the ‘Start Charge’ button.

3. Use your ChargePoint card. Just tap your activated ChargePoint card (make sure to activate it) on the card reader symbol on the station.